These Synergy courses focus on basic navigation, student enrollment, student scheduling, attendance, and reports and are geared towards office managers, educational secretaries, clerks, assistant principals, principals, and district office staff.

This course covers basic navigation for Synergy and is meant for office staff, district staff, and administrators.

If you are a new office manager, educational secretary, clerk, principal, assistant principal or district office staff in need of data, this module is for you.  This module takes each position and provides a brief overview of information necessary to get started with Synergy in your new position.

This course provides an overview of how to create a schedule in Synergy.   The topics will include an overview, how to digitize the paper schedule, how to create your specials rotation, tips and tricks and which reports you can run.

This course will provide information regarding commonly used reports and how to run them as well as provide training on how to write basic queries in Synergy.  This course is designed for Office Managers, Educational Secretaries, Assistant Principals, Principals, and district leadership.