Courses for Biltmore Preparatory Staff

Foundations of Literacy course for BPA staff.

Next Steps of Literacy Instruction for BPA staff in Grades K-2.

Next Steps in Literacy Instruction for BPA staff in Grades 3-8.

You will spend time looking at our curriculum documents and wonders to plan instruction for your small groups.
(K-2) In this module you will be digging deeper into our unit guides, Wonders guides and a great resource that will allow you to start planning for instruction.
(3-8)Learn all the pieces that are a part of 95 percent. This program systematic and backed by the science of reading so you are able to teach your students how to read multisyllabic words.

This is you opportunity to shine! You will be taking the post-test to see how much you have learned by completing Modules 2-6.